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Swaraj - Our Birthright

On 18th March 2012 - Red Lotus Events launched there first stage show ‘Swaraj-Our Birthright’. This unique event was to commemorate the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters for the Independence of India. Over the period of 3 months forty individuals (supermarket employees, mechanics, students) varying in ages from 7 - 58 were trained in dance and drama to depict the eye opening story. The participants were educated on the history of the 4 main characters, Rani Laxmi Bai, Mangal Pandey, Bhagat Singh and Gandhi Ji. The dance drama was performed at the Watford Colosseum, which opened with an hour of orchestral music with over 10 musicians, chorus and two singers, who depicted emotions to set the scene for the second half of the evening which was the dance drama. Below is a small clip of the dance drama. Swaraj-Our Birth Right

Sur Dhara

Every January from 2014 Red Lotus Events present, Sur Dhara. A musical evening open for all, providing free entry and complimentary food (through sponsorship). This event provides spiritual and devotional music, with an element of innovation each time, the first year was traditional Indian music with jazz, second year was spiritual soul songs with all acoustic Indian Instruments and 2016 we presented devotional music with a string quartet. We’ve found over the three years that the Sur Dhara event is attracting more and more youth each year, getting them more involved and interested in the arts, opening their minds up to new possibilities with music, and starting the year off through a musical stream of meditation.

Marafiki Watu - Friends of Folk

Presented at the Watersmeet Theatre on 31st May 2015. A collaboration made of East African Folk and West Indian (Gujarati) folk music and dance. The popular event, combined the instruments of both regions, and the dance styles to create and explosion of colour on the stage. Gujarati and African musicians worked together to innovate new ideas over the period of just 2 months, where songs were sung in both languages, the music was synced for the dancers to perform live.

Navrangi Navratri

The nine nights of Navratri, is a Gujarat Festival that is celebrated throughout the world. People come together within their communities, to dance and chant throughout the nine nights. The authentic music that was customary, has over the years has seen a change in order to attract the younger generation.

Red Lotus Events had a vision to bring back the authenticity, and thereafter Navrangi Navratri conceptualised (nine colours, nine nights). Our nine nights, opened the doors to people of all backgrounds, with no cast or community barriers our navratri is truly colourful. The popularity has also grown within the youth because of this difference that sets us apart from the others, and we found that the true culture presented correctly, doesn't need the shoulder of anything less then authenticity. Running for over three years the popularity of the authentic music has grown so much that this year we are running together with Brent Council for a larger venue. When surveying the crowd, they find the music that Red Lotus Events provide is the main attraction, alongside the atmosphere created and the hospitable welcome to all that arrive. We host on an average of 800-1000 people every night for nine nights.

Rangeelu Gujarat

The Interactive Culture Exhibition showcased by Red Lotus Events had great success on the 20th and 21st of August 2016, attracting over 25,000 people. Making it the largest Gujarat Exhibition in the UK non- religion/or community based. The lions and monkeys in the Gir forest re-creation stunned the audiences. With artisans exhibiting the handicrafts such as bandhani, ajhrak and shawl weaving of Gujarat the audience was educated on the diverse talent that was for too long unknown.

The fresh street foods, scented the air and the colours from the holi powder tinted the grey cloud of London. There was something for everyone. The captivating stage shows engaged audiences for hours with vibrant folk dances from groups all over the UK and India taking the entire ground as a stage. As flew the kites over looking the ground, the colours of Rangeelu Gujarat truly touched the hearts of all that visited.