Discover the Vibrant Color, Music, and Dance of Indian Culture with Red Lotus Events, London (UK) Where Heritage Comes Alive!

Meditate and Create

Experience mindfulness meditation followed by creative painting and inner expression.

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Sip ne Paint

Relax, sip, and paint while enjoying creative social fun.


Our events are in very broad range

Community projects

We have a variety of music events across the year


We have a variety of music events across the year


We believe that culture is soul of community therefore we take pride in it

Red Lotus Studios

Our Dance events are just Awesome, you guys will definitely enjoy

What Events are
done in Past

We take pride in all our events

Navrangi navratri

Kids Garba

Fun time with kids

Swaraj - Our Birth Right

A dance drama showcasing the struggle India went through to get its independence


Musical Memoirs of Gangasati

Tribal India

Roots of India


Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife